At Summer Law, we tailor our clients’ legal strategy to accomplish their aims in a cost-effective manner. Summer Law handles a wide range of complex civil litigation matters, including business matters, employment, and real estate.

Summer Law focuses on:

  • Investigating and analyzing information, intelligence, and the raw data to best understand its evidentiary potential
  • Identifying and interviewing potential witnesses
  • Performing background investigations of the adversary’s witnesses to impeach their credibility
  • Recognizing evidence which should have been provided by the adversary during discovery, but was not
  • Recognizing information which will be beneficial in negotiating the best settlement
  • Tracing and locating assets
  • Interviewing confidential sources for background information

At Summer Law, the approach is entirely client-oriented. Summer Law relentlessly strives to best assist clients in making important decisions based on our experienced advice. Summer Law utilizes a collaborative approach for the utmost efficiency and keeping the costs of litigation in check.