Real Estate

Summer Law will represent your interests whether you’re purchasing, selling, or refinancing real estate. Summer Law can seamlessly help you in resolving challenges to ensure a successful transaction.

In the case of selling real estate, you should hire an attorney right after there is an accepted offer. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, hiring an attorney is recommended before you enter into a Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S), which is critical in the sale of real estate.

Hiring an experienced attorney ensures that the P&S is drafted correctly and in a way that protects your rights and interests.

The help of an experienced transaction attorney is crucial. With Summer Law on board, you can rest assured about the protection of interests at stake and the accurate allocation of responsibility between the parties.

Assistance During The Closing and Post-Closing Processes.

Closing Process
Summer Law ensures a smooth and effortless real estate transaction closing, having the correct documents organized and ready for signing, and assuring that the other party prepares the required documents.

Post-Closing Process
After the signing of documents is done, Summer Law will prepare a package for recording at the Registry of Deeds. A post-closing package comprises recordable documents such as Deeds, Mortgages, and Municipal Lien Certificates. When the recording information from the Registry is obtained, funds can be dispersed to pay off the Seller’s prior mortgage. After disbursement, Summer Law will finalize the closing process by getting proper discharges for the Seller’s prior mortgages.