Tax is complicated and involves continually changing laws and regulations. Many need an experienced lawyer to navigate through these complicated rules.

Summer Law has achieved favorable results for clients while ensuring conformity with all the necessary laws and regulations. Summer Law helps its clients navigate a variety of tax issues and problems.

Taxation Counseling/Advice

Tax Planning is vital and complicated. At Summer Law, we offer expert planning advice and strategically structured tax plans to best minimize, avoid, and/or defer taxation in your personal and business transactions. I specialize in counseling, providing tax advice and opinions, and assisting in tax planning and structuring.

Tax Litigation

Summer Law represents taxpayers in U.S. Tax Court and in front of the IRS Appeals Department. With an in-depth understanding of tax laws, Summer Law aims to resolve all tax-related disputes with federal, state, local, and foreign tax authorities.

At Summer Law, we understand the approach required to deliver a focused, strong, and experienced representation.

Audit Representation

Summer Law provides audit representation for its clients. Properly preparing for an audit can lead to a quicker and better result. Summer Law advises its clients about the best resolution if any problems or issues arise during the audit process.

Tax Return Preparation

Summer Law prepares all federal and state tax returns for its clients.